Mon County Habitat for Humanity

Mon County Habitat for Humanity Partners with Adventure WV

From June 30 through July 1st, Adventure WV took on the challenge of volunteering their time to help Mon County Habitat for Humanity build homes.

IMG_5146Adventure WV provides a unique
outdoor-based college orientation program for 
first-year students. The orientation trips offer those who participate a wide range of opportunities and experiences to learn about themselves, others, WVU, and West Virginia. Students will earn course work as well as academic credits upon a successful completion.

Each student can customize their experience by choosing the type of activities they want to participate in as well as the length and cost of the program that they chose to complete.

Lori Koenick, Adventure WV leader, said, “I love building homes, it’s really rewarding. I always leave with a feeling of self-accomplishment and self-ability.” Another Adventure WV leader, Ian Murray said, “It’s a really humbling experience to build homes because I don’t think a lot of students, including myself, realize the conditions that a lot of people live in and the hard work, or seemingly impossible work, it takes to get out of their situation. Habitat for Humanity gives people the opportunity to get out of those situations.”

Adventure WV and Mon County Habitat for Humanity have been partnered for nine years and have both benefited greatly from the experiences of working together. For more information about Adventure WV visit or if you want more information on how you can get involved with Mon County Habitat visit

 Pictures from June 30th!