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Meet Our Newest Partner Family

Meet The Walker Family

Walker Family Photo

The Walker family consists of Danielle and her two sons, Demetry (17) and Devin (13).

The Walker Family is soley based on values–family, emotional support, and last but not least Christian.  We enjoy playing board games such as Monopoly, Sorry, and UNO. My little kings enjoy cooking Cajun/Creole cuisines.  Demetry and Devin may have several disabilities; conversely, I never allowed their differences to define whom they are as individuals.  Respect and mannerism are our family’s most important attribute to ourselves and our community.

Being a partner family allows my family to embrace our community in a positive way.  Being a partner family will demonstrate equality to my family despite our finances. This opportunity has put a smile on my children’s faces. We are looking forward to living in a safe environment, having a yard, and entertaining family and friends. I remember reading the ad in the newspaper about Habitat homes for families. I’m so thankful we were selected to be one of those families. We just want a place to call our own, a home. While I was waiting in the Habitat for Humanity’s office, I read a poster which stated, “A hand up not a handout!” This will be our motto until our home is complete. We are ready to begin a new journey. Thanks again for inviting my family to be a part of your growing family.

Being a partner family means my family has been accepted into a larger family that will allow for a brighter future.

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