Mon County Habitat for Humanity

Our Committees

We would love to have your participation in one or more of the committees we offer.  Homes cannot be built without a lot of “behind the scenes” work.  You can assist with the fundraising strategies, help publicize the ReStore, partner with a Habitat homeowner, review applications for housing, plan construction, evaluate future Habitat sites…and much more!  Most committees meet once a month. The following is a list of MCHFH committees available to you:

Fundraising & Development Committee:

This Committee covers two areas – First, it is responsible for raising funds for our house sponsorship. We love to keep our events easy and effective. We are continuously looking for new ideas and individuals who are interested in helping out or leading events and funding projects. This committee is also responsible for grant writing, solicitations, foundation requests, and building relationships with the business community. Additionally, it is responsible for organizing and leading volunteer labor for build days, holding volunteer orientations, and coordinating with Building Committees. The committee may also organize special events such as volunteer appreciation days and training workshops. The committee proactively works to build better Habitat houses and ensure all volunteers have the best possible Habitat experience.

If you want to be part of growing our organization…particularly if you enjoy planning events, building long-term relationships, or like to think “outside the box” this may be the perfect committee for you!

Family Services Committees:  

Family Selection Committee: This committee is responsible for selecting homeowner families. Activities include recruiting prospective families, screening applications, interviewing applicants and their references, visiting their current home, and recommending applicants for approval by the Board.

If you have a passion for ending substandard housing in our community, or if you have experience in mortgage lending, credit counseling, or working with low-income families, this may be the right fit for you!

Family Advocate:  This committee works directly with families after they have been selected to partner with Mon County Habitat for Humanity. Family Partnership is the principal point of contact with current and prospective homeowner families. The committee works to provide a mutual support system to facilitate the transition to home ownership, including educational opportunities in home ownership and maintenance, family finance and community resources. This is our most challenging and rewarding committee. Many of our committee members maintain close family-like relationships with their partners throughout their entire experience as Habitat homeowners.

If you are a caring individual who enjoys working with people and want to truly make a difference in someone’s life, you may be a perfect candidate for our family advocacy program!

Faith Relations

This committee establishes and maintains strong relationships with local congregations, enlists their support for projects, and promotes Mon County Habitat for Humanity’s mission of making adequate shelter a matter of conscience and action in our community. Activities include public speaking and leading discussions of Habitat’s goals and activities, organizing a church committee, and coordinating the participation of individual congregations.

If you are involved in your local church or congregation, if you enjoy planning potluck lunches or dinners, or if you want to spread the word about missions such as those of Habitat for Humanity, you should think about participating in our Faith Relations Committee.

ReStore Committee:

This committee will look into more efficient ways of marketing donations and sales as well as all aspects of how operations at the ReStore can improve. You would volunteer at the ReStore and would also recruit additional store volunteers.

If you have retail or marketing experience, have a desire to create a more sustainable community through reusing and recycling consumer goods and building supplies, or if you have extra time to devote to your community, our ReStore may be the place for you!

Construction Committee:

Serves to provide insight, direction, and guidance on daily construction matters. Members will focus on best practices in the construction industry including Energy Efficient technologies and other related areas that impact the construction department.

Planning Committee:

Looks to the future more than the day-to-day construction activities. Finds, researches, evaluates and acquires potential building sites. Develops building sites. Works directly with all matters pertaining to the construction of our homes including home design, on-site work, vendor relations, warehouse management, and work camp supervision.

If you enjoy building and constructing things, or if you have an interest in the future design or development of Habitat homes, you may be a great addition to our Next! Committee.

 More Volunteer Opportunities:

Construction Site Volunteer Group Supervisors:

Serve as a volunteer group leader for 5-10 volunteers at a time. Basic construction experience very helpful and experience in leading and working with all types of groups necessary. The purpose of this position is to assist MCHFH Construction Manager in leading and supervising volunteers effectively; to ensure that volunteers are being utilized to their capacity on the worksite.

Construction Site Supervisors are critical to the success of the MCHFH mission.  You can volunteer for as many or as few hours as you wish.  It is a wonderful way to engage others (particularly young people) in community service through a hands-on teaching opportunity.

Spokesperson for Habitat’s Mission:

Trainings will be held as people express their interest. You will learn about Habitat’s principles, mission and how families are selected. You will also be educated about the affiliate’s current building projects, needs and fundraising events. The purpose and importance of this opportunity is to encourage volunteers to be more regular participants in our mission; to be advocates for our mission, to tell others about our building projects and to encourage people in the community to donate to advance our mission.


For more information about these committees and volunteer opportunities, Please contact
Shawnda Cook at or by phone at (304) 292-0914 ext 20