Mon County Habitat for Humanity

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors sets the affiliate’s programmatic and financial goals and priorities, works on program development and fund-raising, deals with legal matters and performs public relations.

Duty of Care:  Directors and officers must perform their responsibilities in good faith and with the same care an ordinary person would use in managing his/her own affairs.

Duty of Loyalty:  Directors and officers must act in good faith and in a manner which does not harm the organization to the benefit of the director or officer.  Avoid any conflicts of interest or appearances of impropriety.

Duty of Obedience:  Directors and officers must comply with the provisions of the articles of incorporation, bylaws, and state laws, and should safeguard Habitat’s mission and Christian witness.

Board members are asked to commit to a 3-year term.  If you are a “big picture” type of person, the BOD may be the place for you.  Applications for board membership can be found here.

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2017 Board of Directors:

Michael Biafore – President
Leah Bryne-McAllister – Vice-President
Andrew Hardesty – Treasurer
Sarah Warchola – Secretary
Shawnda Cook – Habitat Executive Director
Christy Pill
Adelheid Schaupp
Monte Williams
Will Ravenscroft
Kevin Adrian
Ray Prendergast
Rebecca Peterson
Cody Sustakoski
Lance McKeever
Lori Martin
Dolores John
Ryan Smyth
Sean Buckley

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